Become Alive Method

Grande Vision

You create a map so clear, a meaningful reason arises that helps you step away from what is causing discomfort within you. 

Eliminating Hindering Beliefs

We find the root cause of why you are feeling the way you are, and we eliminate the negative beliefs surrounding those feelings.


You learn coping mechanisms that allow you to consistently live life without being affected by that which is causing you discomfort 

Anchoring Systems

We look into the relationships of your life to evaluate how meaningful they are in order to create a well rounded life that is fulfilling.

How we can Help You

Washington Ali is the man behind Become Alive, a coaching business dedicated to building a confident, braver, happier you.

Offering the unique Become Alive method, Washington created the methodology to guide, empower and transform clients to discover their own hidden power and confidence in order to become powerful, free and fearless.

Become Alive offers distinct coaching across three specialisations, be they in one-to-one or group sessions:

  • ▪ Anger Management – Providing the tools and techniques to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

  • ▪  Overcome Anxiety -- Help guide and inspire you to achieve more of your personal and professional goals.

  • ▪  Confidence Coaching – Sessions in which you’ll learn about acceptance and how to exert your power of choice over whatever life may throw at you.


Benefits of The method

  1. Heal Traumas

  2. Learn Mindfulness practices

  3. Discover how to live life POWERFULLY

  4. Learn how to deal and or release resentment

  5. Learn how to create your own support systems

  6. Discover how to be free and express your true authentic self 

  7. Learn how to become hyper-focused and bring what you desire to become a reality

  8. Learn how to mend, form and detach from relationships in an empowering manner for you and others

  9. Learn how to shift your reality from discomfort, anxiety, and uncertainty to have the power and control over your thought’s feelings and emotions

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"Washington has a very unique and impactful way of carrying out his work and I've really enjoyed the mentoring sessions. I would definitely recommend it to someone who is looking for that tailored one on one support."

Habeeb Akande