The Become Alive Method 

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

This Methodology was created to guide, empower and transform you to become POWERFUL, FREE and FEARLESS. 

You will be able to take charge of what happens in your own life.

You will have the power to say YES and also to say NO.

You will gain the ability to create what you will and also the power to cause what you WILL to become a reality.

 Benefits Of The Program :​

  • Heal Traumas

  • Learn Mindfulness practices

  • Discover how to live life POWERFULLY

  • Learn how to deal and or release resentment

  • Learn how to create your own support systems

  • Discover how to be free and express your true authentic self 

  • Learn how to become hyper-focused and bring what you desire to become a reality

  • Learn how to mend, form and detach from relationships in an empowering manner for you and others

  • Learn how to shift your reality from discomfort, anxiety, and uncertainty to have the power and control over your thought’s feelings and emotions

The Steps: 

  • The Grand Vision

  • Eliminate Hindering Beliefs

  • Fearlessness 

  • Anchoring System

  • Harmony

1-1 Coaching & Group Coaching 

Group Coaching Features:

Weekly Video Calls, in which I will discuss your progress and your very own level 1 accountability group will be provided in such a way you progress through the course with extra support and even more clarity on how to use the distinctions within your life.

The Gap:

  • 5 live Seminars where you will experience how the distinctions work and how to apply them within your life on a daily basis.


  • Discovering your core values in life exercise

  • Discover your life purpose exercise 

2020 / 2021 Dates: 

  •     Sat 19th Sept

  • ​    Sat 31th Oct

  •     Sat 21st  Nov

  •     Sat  19th Dec

  •     Sat  16th Jan